Norwegian language course level A2-B1 in Narvik

Klikk for stort bildeThe A2-B1 (language) course starts Tuesday 10. September 2019. Remember to register for this course by Monday 2. September, 2019.  Please send your registration details by e-mail to: ​

At the end of the level A2-B1 course the participant should be able to communicate coherently (in writing and orally) about everyday life, school and work . The course fits for those that have reached A1 level but would like to learn more or/and want to take the Norskprøve level A2-B1. 

What will I learn?

Content Learning the language - grammar and pronunciation, communication in everyday life, textwriting.

Communication in work environment, Health, Environment and Safety (HMS), employer/employee relationship, concepts and work culture in Norway.

Social studies
Information about Norway, rights, opportunities and duties in the norwegian society, tax system, health care. 

Schools and kindergartens
Routines,structure, employees, cooperation between home /school/kindergarten, higher education in Norway.  

How long is this course?

This course takes place over ​10 weeks​, every ​Tuesday​ and ​Thursday at 17:00  to 19:30 in the evening.

Course books​: ​Veien inn A1 Web
Resources​: ​Min vei/ Veien inn

Where should I meet up for this course? 

You will meet up at the Integreringsenheten in Narvik,Narvik, Havnegata 2, 8514 Narvik

What does it cost?

The price for this course is 5 350 kr. (books and web resource access are ​included​). 

Number of hours​: 60
Please send your registration details by e-mail to: ​